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North SAR


North is a common term denoting both a direction and a region on the earth. The abbreviation “N” and the full word, in mixed (North) or upper case (NORTH) are generally synonymous.


SAR is a term which may be only well known to Outdoor Enthusiasts.   The term S&R term is synonymous in several forms:

Search and Rescue, Search & Rescue, S&R S.A.R and SAR, (in upper case).


“North SAR”

Is a short term, easy to say, with two syllables

North SAR conjures up an adventure in the northern woods (of Maine)

North SAR is easily confused with the North Star

North SAR can be abbreviated as “North” when we are referring to S&R activity in context.

North SAR or North is a unique enough team name to not be confused with other MASAR units, and also identifies our location


North SAR use as our identifier:


On a patch or decal “NORTH SAR” fits easily, is descriptive and immediately identifies our organization’s purpose and location.


The use of periods (.), dashes (-) spaces ( ) , or required mixed case  is unnecessary and would complicate both the Domain Name (NORTHSAR, North-SAR, North SAR, NorthSAR) making access to the worldwide web and other search engines problematic.


Both the State of Maine and Federal registrations required that our application as a corporation, our Employee Identification (tax ID) number and Tax exemption numbers show our name in all caps, with a space for clarity. (i.e. North SAR)


Therefore our official name registered with the government is NORTH SAR

We can therefore call our team North SAR, or North and omit the use of periods (.), dashes (-) spaces ( ) , or mixed case and we should for simplicity and clarity.

We can use the terms northsar or Northsar or NorthSAR or North SAR and know what we mean


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