Standard Operating Procedures

1. Our name is North, North SAR, or North Search and Rescue, depending on the syntax we need for clarity.

2. We conduct operations in accordance with MASAR and FEMA
standards and policies.

3. An adult (18 or older) may become a Trainee Member upon receipt of an application, payment of any dues and approval by the VP of Operations.

4. To retain Member status, individuals are expected to progress through Trainee status to achieve MASAR Support Member Certification or Ground Searcher Certification.

5. On Searches individuals shall display insignias identifying them as a member of a Search and Rescue team and wear clothing of high visibility blaze orange, green or yellow, (not camouflage camo) to enhance their visibility.

6. The safe return of our searchers is important. Whether in training or on a search, members must be accompanied by at least 1 additional individual, unless they are on a well-marked trail or need to separate from their partner for the success of the mission and are carrying both an operating light source and whistle (or operating radio).

7. Members will either supply their own equipment appropriate for training or operations or,  depending on availability,  may be issued and will then maintain team equipment.

8. EXPENDITURES: Members may donate goods, services, designated or undesignated cash to North SAR to be consumed in accordance with the requirements for North SAR’s 501(c)(3)Tax-Exempt status. The President, VP Operations or Treasurer may pay for any budgeted expense

Whenever practicable, purchases shall take advantage of North SAR’s Federal and Maine State tax-free exemption at the time of purchase.

For a member to receive reimbursement for an expenditure incurred by the member for the benefit of North SAR, the full amount must either be

(i) both pre-funded in cash and be an annual budgeted amount and must be specifically associated with an expenditure to be made by the member as a notation on the budget maintained by the Treasurer or

(ii) if a purchase  is not budgeted, the expenditure must (a) meet the requirements for North SAR’s 501(c)(3)Tax-Exempt status, (b) be pre-funded in cash specifically identified for this expenditure and (c) must be specifically approved in advance by all  officers.

Agreed and  approved by the membership and Updated on 10/27/2022